Fiver House Records - Ana-Cristina Leonte


Ana-Cristina Leonte - voice
Albert Tajti - piano
Alex Munte - saxophone
Michael Acker - bass
Tavi Scurtu - drums

This project brings together five of the most interesting names of the Romanian jazz. Although the members of this quintet represent the new generation, they have conducted an intense concert activity in various other musical areas, bringing to this project, beside their great stage experience, a series of personal influences which define them as musicians.

In this line-up they explore new spheres of jazz, where modern nuances are combined with modal flavors, subtle folklore reminiscences, or little outbursts of free music, resulting in original compositions with a special sound, often dramatic, in tone with the novel vs traditional, arrangement vs free improvisation, simplicity vs complexity coordinates.

The tunes in the band's repertory are conceptually represented by the name of the album: Secret Lover. They tell their stories in a romantic way and they illustrate the different facets of love in their multitude of forms, reflecting mostly the personal visions of vocalist Ana-Cristina.

SECRET LOVER: “Those of a delicate disposition might like to avoid cliffs and sharp implements today, this one's a wrencher. #tryputinevorbeafter. (Editor's comment on "Secret Lover" @ All About Jazz - Citeşte mai mult)


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You can find Fiver House Records in Bucharest, Romania.

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