Fiver House Records - Bucharest Jazz Orchestra


Sebastian Burneci - lead trumpet
Silviu Groaza - lead trumpet
Paolo Profeti - alto saxophone
Florian Radu - lead trombone
Adi Cojocaru - second trombone
Cristi Lăbuş - bass trombone
Johnny Bica - piano
Michael Acker - bass
Tavi Scurtu - drums

Guest Musicians:
Ana-Cristina Leonte - vocals
Cezar Căzănoi - flute
MC Brain Potion

Bucharest Jazz Orchestra is the newest Romanian large Jazz Ensemble. It was initiated by trumpet player Sebastian Burneci and features some of the best musicians from Bucharest, some of them coming from from Romania, others from Italy and Moldova.

The rhythm consists of Johnny Bica (piano), Michael Acker (bass) and Tavi Scurtu (drums). With an unique style and some very original music, the band was often invited to collaborate with famous singers.

Their debut album, Poveşti din Bucureşti (Stories from Bucharest) showcases each member of the orchestra and offers a slice of life from the city.


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You can find Fiver House Records in Bucharest, Romania.

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