Iordache - alto & baritone saxophones, melodica, voice
Daniel Torres - tenor saxophone
Vlad Simon - trumpet,voice
Dan Alex Mitrofan - guitar
Adi Stoenescu - NORD organ
Tavi Scurtu - drums

Lyrics by Florin Dumitrescu

Iordache - dandelions, leaves, nut twigs, percussion

Iordache - alto & tenor saxophones
Alex Harding - baritone saxophone
Sebastian Burneci - trumpet
Florian Radu - trombone
Toma Dimitriu - piano
Michael Acker - electric bass
- drums
Ghassan Bouz - percussion

Iordache - alto saxophone
Sebastian Burneci - trumpet
Florian Radu - trombone
Toni Kühn - keyboards
Dan Alex Mitrofan - guitar
Uţu Pascu - electric bass
Tavi Scurtu - drums

Iordache - alto, tenor & baritone saxophones
Petrică Ionuţescu - trumpet
Lucian Nagy - tenor & soprano saxophones
Toni Kühn - keyboards
Dan Alex Mitrofan - guitar
Uţu Pascu - double bass
Tavi Scurtu - drums

In Romania, saxophonist Mihai Iordache needs no introduction. His career started in the ‘80s and, since then, he left his mark on many releases and live collaborations.

Iordache describes his own music as funk-infused free jazz, where compositions and improvisations are governed by the rules of chance. The sound is mostly loud, raw, and dangerous but sometimes there are peaceful moments. The band doesn’t use drum machines or laptops. Iordache's aim is to create new music, not to accommodate pop tastes and sensibilities.

The eponymous group was founded in 2003, by saxophonist Iordache and has played more than 100 shows in Romania and abroad. Iordache was invited to play in most Romanian clubs and festivals, notably at Stufstock, Jazz and More, Green Hours International Jazz Fest and Gărâna Jazz Fest, and in a few other countries, including Hungary (with guitarist Eichinger Tibor as a guest), Belgium (with Eugene Chadbourne), Luxembourg and Israel.

The group has recorded five studio albums: Friday - featuring trombone virtuoso Tom Smith (2003), Dissipatin'(2005), One Life Left (2012), Garden Beast (2014) and Two Hours in June - featuring baritone saxophone legend Alex Harding (2016) and one live album, Suita Titan (2017).

Iordache's music has been played on Radio România Actualităţi, Radio România Cultural (Romanian state radios) and WBGO Jazz 88.3 in New York.

In 2012 Iordache opened for the Jack DeJohnette Group at Sala Radio (Radio Hall) in Bucharest.

ABOUT TWO HOURS IN JUNE Album d’urgence qui sonne comme un live de club, sans concession laissant la part belle aux solistes (...) - Michel Antonelli © Jazz Hot n°678, hiver 2016-2017

ABOUT GARDEN BEAST Une musique alerte, joviale, pleine d’humour, soutenue par une section de cuivres parfaitement en place. Un jazz grand public de qualité qui ravira aussi les puristes aux idées plus larges. - Michel Antonelli © Jazz Hot n°678, hiver 2016-2017

ABOUT ONE LIFE LEFT “Very cool tune. Burns and swings, catchy and uplifting. Bonus points for Pac-Man inspiration. Recommended. (Editor's comment on "Triangle" at All About Jazz)


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